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Winter's last gasp.....

Batten down the hatches and get ready to ride out the storm this weekend! We are under a Winter Storm Warning that is telling us to expect blowing snow with accumulations of 3-6" in the Sandpoint area. High winds, gusting to 50 mph, could drop our temperatures to 10 below zero! So, please exercise caution for the next couple of days. Bundle up when you have to go outside and maybe bring your pets indoors with you to enjoy a nice warm fire and a snuggle!

The bright side to this note is that I have been seeing several of indications that Spring is just around the corner. Robins have been visiting my bird feeder at home, frolicking in the fields nearby and taunting our cats from their tall perch in the trees next to the house. It is coming....can you feel it? Here in North Idaho, Robins have got to be the happiest harbinger of the change of season! Yet there are others, such as those long stalks of Pussy Willows and sweet white blossoms of Trillium, also known as Wake Robin as they bloom around the same time as their namesake returns.

So be on the lookout for these signs of awakening! In the meantime, use this time to be thankful for the rest and reflection Winter brings as we transition to a time of renewal and hope. We are very fortunate to enjoy the best of all four seasons here in North Idaho, especially in Sandpoint, as we sit at the edge of pristine Lake Pend Oreille and at the base of Schweitzer Ski Resort. Life is GOOD!

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