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Real Estate Photography

There are many options when it comes to taking photographs of a home when it is time to list. We have found that there are tremendous benefits to using a professional to capture the essence of the property. A professional photographer has many tools at their disposal, such as Matterport (3D) photography, aerial (Drone) and special lighting which will augment your listing, based on the type of property being sold. In some instances, a real estate professional may suggest using a professional staging artist to prepare the home. The list below contains a few simple things a homeowner can do to prepare for the photographer in order to obtain the best result.


Close garage doors

Remove garbage cans

Remove cars from the front of the home and driveway

Mow, trim and rake lawns and beautify all flower beds

Remove all toys, sporting equipment and bicycles

Tidy the front porch and add homey touches


Clean the entire home

Replace all burned out light bulbs

Make all beds and clear the tops of nightstands and dressers of personal effects

Clear all kitchen counters of all items except a coffee/tea pot

Place all shoes, jackets and bags in closets

Remove all pet beds and dishes

Remove all stacks of paper and magazines

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